Smart Brabus Fortwo Cabrio RESERVED


City car
Black Leather
999 cm³
75 *** Missing / 102 *** Missing
62 814 km
*** Missing
Price on request
*** Missing
History of this car

A beautiful Smart Brabus Fortwo Cabrio from 2011, a compact convertible from the German car brand Smart, which falls under the umbrella of Daimler AG (Mercedes). This copy has been customized by Brabus, a renowned tuner of Mercedes cars. The car retains the characteristic compact shape of the Smart Fortwo, but is equipped with extra sportiness and performance thanks to the Brabus upgrades.

With its compact size and the pleasure of an open roof, this Brabus Fortwo Cabrio is perfect for adventures in the city and scenic drives along sunny roads. What makes this model unique is the combination of the open roof with Brabus' sporty tuning, making it not only practical for city traffic, but also a real pleasure to drive.

This beautiful Smart Brabus Cabrio comes straight from a collector's collection and is now offered for sale. The vehicle is in perfect condition and is a real eye-catcher. With its beautiful finish, this car will certainly attract attention wherever you go.