Do not just say 'car' to a classic...

Q Classic Cars wants to look in a different way to classic cars like most others do. We are constantly searching for classics, young and old, made by passionates and those cars you will find in our offer. The most important for us is the fact that we can offer pleasure to our future customers. Our company was founded from our own passion and we will only buy cars that we love ourselves. If we can transfer this feeling afterwards to our customers, we like to do that.

Family Business

Q Classic Cars is a family business where personal contact with customers is central. You will always have direct contact with the company owners who guarantee an honest and personal approach.

After ten years of experience in a local garage, Danny and his wife Linda started a car company in 1982 specializing in all-terrain vehicles. Over the past 40 years, this business has grown into an established name. In this period their son Jef grew up among the cars.

In 2014 it was decided to turn what had been a hobby until  then  into a separate company. Q Classic Cars was born and Jef would take care of this. Finally we could share our passion for collection cars that were just that little bit more special with our customers. In the meantime, Q Classic Cars has grown into a healthy company that can fulfill the dream of many car enthusiasts every year.

Transport with care

If you buy your next classic at Q Classic Cars, we can deliver this car at your place. We have a special closed trailer available to protect your car from all bad weather conditions. We can also arrange transport transport for your own car if needed. Please contact us for more information.

European Network

Q Classic Cars has a big European network that is used daily to search for the best classics in the market. Contact are made from Spain till Norway to assure we can offer you the our best cars. This network gives us the opportunity to offer the most exclusive and rare vehicles.


Both, classics as a start of a project or in perfect condition, will be offered by us. In both cases we will only offer cars whern we are convinced the classic we found is an honest car.