Opel Speedster 42000 km


Black Leather
2198 cm³
108 *** Missing / 147 *** Missing
42 530 km
€ 24 900,00 All taxes included
*** Missing
Price on request
*** Missing
History of this car

The Opel Speedster is a roadster from the German car manufacturer Opel. The model was developed in collaboration with Lotus, which released a more or less identical model to the Lotus Elise. It is the only Opel with a chassis made of fiberglass and aluminum and with a mid-engine. The principle was to build a car that was as light as possible, analogous to Lotus. To that end, the Speedster didn't even have floor mats. The car was taken out of production in 2005. In model year 2007, the Opel Speedster was succeeded by the Opel GT.

The manufacturer never achieved the planned production number of 10,000 units, Opel only managed to produce 7,033 units. The first Speedster saw the light of day in September 2000. The last one was supposed to roll off the production line in September 2005, but Opel brought the production end forward. This is a rare car that combines sporty performance with a limited engine capacity. Due to its light weight, the car has very dynamic driving behavior.

This Opel Speedster is an original Belgian car that we have known in our customer base for many years. We are pleased to now be able to find a new owner for this young classic with low mileage.