TVR Chimaera 4.0


Black Leather
4000 cm³
176 *** Missing / 240 *** Missing
29 577 km
€ 47 500,00 All taxes included
*** Missing
Price on request
*** Missing
History of this car

Enter the world of unparalleled driving experience with the breathtaking TVR Chimaera, an icon of British craftsmanship and performance. The timeless design, with its streamlined lines and distinctive appearance, immediately attracts attention and promises an exciting ride. Under the hood lies a powerful 4.0-liter V8 that guarantees pure and unadulterated driving pleasure every time you get behind the wheel.

This specific TVR Chimaera is an original Dutch car, with only 2 owners in its history. The sublime paintwork, with a special coating, is the result of careful maintenance by previous owners who never left the car outside in the rain. With only 29.577 kilometers on the odometer, this Chimaera is the car with the lowest mileage in all of Europe. This car has been serviced annually, resulting in an almost new condition. All documentation, including sales invoices and a valuation report, are carefully preserved and present.

Get in, start the engine and be surprised by the sensation of the TVR Chimaera. This car offers a sense of excitement and adventure that only a TVR can provide. Are you ready to conquer the road with this unique car? Come by and discover the perfection of this TVR Chimaera for yourself.

  • Original Dutch car
  • Original paintwork
  • complete maintenance history
  • Only 2 owners
  • Only 29.577 km