MG SV-R X-Power 1 of 25


Beige Leather
4485 cm³
283 *** Missing / 385 *** Missing
6 000 km
€ 129 000,00 All taxes included
*** Missing
Price on request
*** Missing
History of this car

A real piece of automotive history. The English MG has a very rich history in the automobile. They had their heyday with the well-known roadster sports cars MGA and MGB, but they have brought much more than these primal classics.

Completely unknown to many, but a car enthusiast immediately recognized him as the MG SVR X-Power. The most exclusive sports car that MG built with a total edition of only 87 pieces LHD and RHD together and only 25 LHD copies ever made, this is a unique collection piece. These numbers include both the less powerful SV and the powerful SV-R.

We are proud to present this SV-R with number 24. This would be the penultimate MG built. The next day MG filed for bankruptcy.

The total history of this German-delivered SV-R is nicely documented with the car. The story of the whole development is explained in the Octane magazine where this car is used during the report.